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Glancy and Bela

We love to write poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. Well, I do. She loves licking herself, hugging me with her claws, and being the perfect companion. Who knew all this time I was a cat lover, allergies and all?

I’ve had cats in my home before, but they had a job to do, kill pests. Making my eyes puffy and me sneezy wasn’t one of them. So growing up, I didn’t like the cute fickle felines. I loved dogs, the bigger the better. And if they walked around with their muscular chest puffed out with a strut that said, “this my world, your the lucky sap who gets to feed me” to me, they had the loyal friend. Yet, my Bela followed my middle-child, my 11-year-old daughter home one day. She begged me to let her keep her. “Uh, no. Who knows what she has,” was my first response. My only son said, “she probably has diseases,” and nicknamed her Disease. My cousin said, “she sounds like she’s going to die, her cough is horrible.” But my daughter wouldn’t relent. I was silly putty in her please-Daddy-eyes. I got her checked out, cleaned up, and flea-collared, even though my daughter only visits every other weekend and holidays with her sisters. Just like that, my cousin, my son, and I had a new roommate.

When the girls went back to their mother’s, my new raspy purring roommate became my responsibility. That did not change when my girls returned. She followed me around the house delivering disgusting presents of dead water-bugs or mice with missing limbs or tails or just dead stiff. No matter how many times I’d scat her out of my bedroom, she’d find her way back and on my bed. I’d wake up to find she nuzzled her way under covers with me, purring. It got to the point, my girlfriend got jealous of Bela. I had to remind her, she helped coerce me into letting the cat come in my house in the first place. I began joking with her that Bela was actually Jennifer Hudson, and she had no choice because Bela was going to make her love her like she did to me.

So, for Bela, let me welcome you to a blog where dog lovers become cat people; where planets spin different from others; and left is always right.

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